AKC Heavy Duty Outdoor Garbage Bin | 660 Liters

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Heavy Duty, Durable High Quality & Modern Wear-Resistant Out Door Garbage Bin

Product Code: GC49
Origin: China
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  • Heavy-duty outdoor Garbage bin with four wheels and breaks. 
  • Used in the outdoor side, household hazardous and industrial areas, hospitals, etc. 
  • Wear-resistant bottom heightening treatment for long-lasting wear resistance.
  • Environmentally friendly, flexible, wear-resistant, durable, simple, and elegant garbage bin, perfect design style. 

Size (L x W x H) L 140 x W 79 x H 124cm
Capacity 660 Liters
Material HDPE
Material of wheels Rubber with 2 front brake
Total Weight 41.90 kg
Color Red - Blue - Green - Yellow

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