AKC | Carpet Hard Brush | 29 x 5 cm

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Wooden & Plastic Hard Brush

Product Code: HB14
Origin: Italy
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Brand: Tags: hard brush

  • Made of high-quality wood & an open-fiber system that effectively captures small & large debris within carpet textile.
  • Crafted with a reinforced heavy-duty broom head that won't easily crack or break to supply long-term strength and prolonged usage.
  • Can be used variably in comparison to other hard brushes, dusting off & cleaning an array of different types of rough floors & surfaces.
  • To be used mainly in carpet & textile cleaning, but can also be applicable in warehouses, garages, balconies, decks, gardens, patios, porches, sidewalks, and much more.

Size 29 x 5 cm
Material Wood & Plastic

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