i-scrub 21B Cordless Power Scrubber

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Double-disc Action (Small Effort Big Impact )- i-scrub 21B

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Origin: Netherlands
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Warranty: 1

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  • 360 DEGREES OF MOTION: The adjustable head can rotate in 360° and is so flebixle you can clean at any angle, may it be horizontal or vertical.
    Start scrubbing everywhere and anywhere.
  • DUAL BRUSH HEADS: We have equipped the i-scrub 21B with two brush heads, for higher mechanical power and cleaning narrow gaps in sturdy areas.
  • CENTRALIZED CONTROLS: The in height adjustable telscopic wand is easily controlled at the grip.
    All of your actions, switches and controls are within the reach of your fingertips.


Weight i-scrub 21B 3.2 kg
Weight i-scrub 21B handy 2.2 kg
Weight i-scrub 21B handy + case 4.2 kg
Size i-scrub case (L x W x H) 40 x 36 x 11 cm
Size i-scrub 21B (L x W x H) 15 x 25 x 915 ~ 1270 mm
Size i-scrub 21B handy (L x W x H) 22 x 9 x 15 cm
Power 25W
Drive Voltage 12 V DC
Voltage Charger Available in 110, 115, 230, 240V
Power Source i-power 7 battery
Battery Specifications 14.4 V 6.6 Ah
Running Time Battery 7 150 minutes
Charging Time Battery 7 210 minutes
Brush Speed 400 RPM
Noise Level W/O Pump 72 dB
Noise Level W/T Pump 73 dB
Scrub Area 21 cm
Minimal Clearance Area 95 mm
Material ABS
Warranty 1 Year

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