Artax Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

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Artax Vacuum Cleaner AR-VC20

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Origin: China
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  • Easy storage & Stylish look.
  • Powerful Suction to leave nothing but cleanness.
  • Just push a button, and the trash will be emptied instantly.
  • Cordless, Light Versatile: Delight in doing housework.
  • Switch between the ground brush and flat brush to target different areas easily.
  • Designed for what it is on the hard floor and carpet taking any small particles, including dust, debris, pet hair, etc.
  • Detachable & Washable system: Easy to clean because the filter and dust cup can be taken off and washed with water.
  • Large dust cap cup to take away the trash everywhere: Dust cup is big to absorb the trash in the entire house several times.
  • Deep clean your home with this upright vacuum cleaner, a silent, cordless, battery-powered vacuum cleaner that produces superior results.

Power 100 Watt
Voltage 22.2 V
Li-ion Battery 2200 nAH
Charge Time 45 minutes
Battery Running Time 45 minutes
Noise Level 80 dB
Dust Container Capacity 0.5 Liters
Color Purple

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