AKC Stainless Steel Slow Motion Bin with Pedal 20 Liters

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Pedal Bin - 44 x 29 cm

Product Code: SS07-20
Origin: China
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  • Pedal bin slow motion capacity 20 Liter with dimensions of 44 x 29 cm
  • Foot operated pedal opening with odour proof silent closing lid
  • Made from durable corrosion-resistant materials with sturdy carry handle
  • These bins are step-operated, requiring  no hands or bending down to open or close
  • Their shell-shaped hinged lids feature a slow-down system, which lets the lid softly and noiselessly close once you've lifted your foot off the pedal
  • The fingerprint-proof coating protects stainless steel from fingerprints and smudges and helps keep the outside of the garbage can looking spotless and shiny for longer and comes with a Robust non-corrosive feature. It has a non-skid plastic base with pads that are gentle on floors and keep the bin steady. Seals odor in and eliminates cross-contamination of germs with touch-free operation

Size (H x D) 44 x 29 cm
Capacity 20 Liters
Material Stainless Steel
Colors Silver & Black
Type Pedal (Slow Motion)

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