Mop Bucket with Deluxe Wringer | 40LTR

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Highly Durable and Long-Lasting Mop Bucket

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Origin: China
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  • Contains four wheels for easy operation & movement.
  • Long sized handle aids in a conventional cleaning process.
  • Made of robust PP plastic which is strong and durable for usage.
  • For hygienic and healthy cleaning of homes, offices, hospitals, shops, etc. 
  • No spills, scratch-free, and no damage to floors with effortless cleaning.
  • Has a printed "Caution, wet floor" sign to prevent slippages & other hazards. 
  • Easily moveable with strong and durable wheels providing noise-free mobility.
  • This washable product enables the user to clean it with ease for good maintenance. 

Size (L x H x W) 40 x 95 x 75 cm
Capacity 40 Liters
Material Plastic
Color Yellow, Red and Black Base

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